18 November 2008

2 Weeks After Infection...

It's just gotten worse. There's nowhere safe, not anymore.
Perhaps I should start at the beginning... My name is Louis Caulfield. I was a floor manager at the Circuit City in Pendleton, before... before the outbreak. It was a Friday. I was moping around the store, liquidating the last of our HDTVs, XM Radios and the like to uninterested customers, just waiting for the call form HQ that would tell me we'd all been laid off. Yeah, it was a shitty job, and a worse "thank you" for the years I'd put in, but hey... job's a job. Besides, my friend knew the manager of the local Best Buy, said he'd put in a good word for me. I was practically already trained for it, anyway.
So, closing time on Friday night. I was locking up the store, front doors first, and heading out the back when I heard something. So I walked back to the front, hearing the banging, like someone pounding on the glass. And y'know, I saw all these people... all out front, like 10 of 'em. Standing around, shuffling, and one of them was trying to open the door. So I walked up and tapped on the glass, pointing at the "Closed" sign... and he just stood there, head down, swaying. And then he looked up. Man, that scared the Christ outta me- No jaw at all! Just a red ruin of a throat and mouth, blood spattering all over the glass as he lunged at me. I'm not ashamed to say I fell ass-over-teakettle backwards trying to get away, and he just kept going at it, pounding on the glass with every bit of himself. That was when the rest of them turned and started helping. Hell, I RAN to the back room, and called the cops... but it was busy. Busy. 911. On a Friday night? Something was fucked, I knew that for sure. Good thing I had been planning on going to the range tonight, before I got called in for overtime... because my Springfield XD9 was in the car, locked in its case in the trunk. If I coudl just get to it, I'd be safe until the cops... did something, I don't know, I was panicking at that point. I just up and ran the hell out the store.
Nearly got me killed. If it hadn't been for that homeless guy that always hung around the dumpsters, scavenging packing peanuts, I'd have bought it right there and then. Y'see, I ran out back and he WASN'T there, and I stopped, just for a second, and they just walked by. A horde, about 60 of them, all just shuffling and moaning past me. Well, I hid behind the dumpsters and prayed to good Jesus to save me because I knew it was over... but I guess they didn't see me, and I got to the car, got my gun, and started driving.
The next several days were kind of a blur. I remember hearing on the radio at one point that the "infected" were the result of some kind of rabies, or something. I don't know, that doesn't explain the wierd ones. Doesn't explain anything, actually. I lost count of how many I ran over, just driving all over town to try and save some people... but didn't find any. But on the third day, I was poking through the wreckage of a biker bar, the Polecat Saloon, and I found Francis and Zoey. We found Bill at the firing range, where I'd been trying to get for days... but I just couldn't seem to remember how to get there.
So now there's four of us. Just four. Probably the only four left in the city, judging from the number of infected walking around. We've decided to try and get out of here, though. Nothing great about waiting for the hordes to find us and put us under... may as well take the fight to them. We've heard helicopters for the past day, so we might be able to hitch a ride, or something. Zoey thinks the hospital is our best bet, and I agree. We're setting off tonight.
As good as having a plan is, though... this city that I used to love, it just creeps me out now. Every corner is a trap, every car's a fort, every alley a chokepoint. And the worst part is, where the hell is everyone else? It's like they just left... left us for dead.
-- Louis Caulfield, Survivor.

So yeah, Left 4 Dead is freaking amazing. Advanced difficulty is quite hard, we didn't even make it through Act 1 in 3 hours last night! I am looking forward to playing the CHRIST out of this game... I have a feeling it will provide many, many hours of awesome.

11 November 2008


It's official! I was right! I am vindicated! WIZKIDS IS NO MORE! Clickbase is banished to the nether-realms of hell forever! The tryanny of pre-made, prepainted, shit-plastic miniatures is forever vanquished!
I said I hoped it wasn't the future, and I said it wouldn't last, it was only fit for 5-year-olds and idiots. I was right. YES!
Where is your god now, clickbase-lovers?\

09 November 2008

And yet...

Despite my best efforts, I have managed to realize that I am still where I was a year ago. Alone. Terrified.
Perhaps that's an overstatement, but still. It's what I say right now.
So much has happened, and yet... I still feel everyone and everything slipping away. Congregations of people I can't enter, unfamiliar images on the TV, static in my mind. What's wrong...?

Your karma has increased.

I have officially done good today-- I saved a kitten.
He was sitting around behind Saga, and Callan, Morgana and I went to go look at him and try to feed him. He wouldn't take any food, so we chased him around the front, and I caught him. I carried him on my shoulder to Pub Safety, where we waited with the little pooky for the farm center people to come and take him off to the farm, where he would have a good home with the rest of the barn cats. I think he went to sleep a few times on my shoulder during the wait. And now I have fleas. Small price to pay for an act that is unequivocally good and right.
He was so CUTE, all fuzzy and tiny and warm, reminded me of Zorro... except he had grey eyes, where Zorro had green. Mr. Z, where-ever you are, please spare a moment of your time to comfort a fellow pooky in spirit... tell him it'll be alright. Then you can go back to guarding my parents. ^_^

04 November 2008

Get off my lawn.

Well, election season is finally over. As of now, Obama is at 324 electoral votes. He has won.
8 years of a nightmare are over, and I am nothing but irritated that it took so long. I'm going for a walk. And I could use some whiskey.