14 August 2008



Pleased to be visiting the link above. Play the song "One Man, One Bionic Arm."
Tell me this is not the funniest advertisement for a game, EVER. I dare you.

Spoilers below (highlight)--
"They lost their hero to the enemy. They went looking for the perfect soldier to rescue him. They found... some guy who couldn't even jump."

Bionic Commando Rearmed is now out on most major platforms, (360, PS3, PC) so you have no excuse not to buy it. It's really that good.

05 August 2008

ArmA2 == Awesome.

This is just about the COOLEST, shortest game trailer I've EVER seen.

04 August 2008

But master, why should I not simply import the entire library?

"Master, please tell me... is it truly wrong to use from [module] import * ? Isn't it just a very powerful import statement?"
"More powerful... no. Easier, more seductive, yes. That way lies the dark side of python, my young padawan learner."
"But then how will I know what to import, when, and why not to use it?"
"You will know when your code five years from now you try to read! Mmm! Yes."

Inspired by this article.

IT sucks.

Now Playing-- 'The IT Crowd' Theme.

So, note to all aspiring IT professionals or people good with computers in general... DO NOT OFFER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, TO DO ANY KIND OF TECHNOLOGICAL WORK FOR YOUR FAMILY. DO NOT EVEN DO IT IF THEY PAY YOU.
Seriously. As if being a sysadmin in training isn't enough, I am also now a fully-fledged one at home, apparently. Do you know what happens when a problem comes up in your network and you're on the other side of the freakin' country? That's right, gentle readers, they CALL YOU. And beg. And plead. And sound so pathetic that you want to heap scorn upon them with a dragline until they choke and suffocate from it. But what do you do? They ARE your family, the only one you've got, so you fix it, because it really is Your Problem And Nobody Else's (TM).

Also, when you're trying to diagnose a gimpy wireless network, do go and update the drivers on everyone's machines, while simultaneously resetting the router to the simplest possible configuration (without compromising security, of course). Now to re-implement the MAC Address filter...

"A sysadmin's work is never done, which is why we've always so much time for fun!" -- Anonymous BOFH.