30 July 2008


Oh crap, oh damm, of doom on me. I bought an iPod again. HALP. Even though I spent only 130$ on it, which is the same I would have spent on an equivalent same-capacity 3rd party mp3 player, ARGH. I was weak. I needed music playing without constant turning off and syncing incompatibility. Oh well. At least it's green...

27 July 2008

On Backdating

When you do it to stock options, it's criminal. But when you do it to a blog post, I wonder if it helps or hurts. A blog post (IMO) is supposed to be a sort of snapshot of one particular thought or feeling that you feel is interesting enough to be recorded for posterity. If you write it down then, but save it for later, is that somehow profaning the "immediate-ness" of the blog? Or worse, what if you retain the idea but write it down later, trying to recapture the feeling that you had before? By the time you write it again, you're another hundred thousand miles around the sun and another percentage of a rotation of the planet beyond who you were then.

Lebowski -- "What makes a man? Is is a willingness to do what is right, no matter the cost?"
The Dude -- "That and a set of testicles, yeah."

Not especially poignant, but I think it serves. Even though The Dude may be searching for meaning in his life by debating existentialism through a haze of bong smoke, he has a point.

26 July 2008

Am I the only one around here who's playing by the rules?

That's it! I give up. I have now abandoned all my pretensions regarding elitism. It seems that I really, truly, cannot tolerate the state that so much of this world has fallen into. Accuse me of living in an ivory tower if you must, but I point out that my tower is not covered in excrement and suffused with poor taste, although the streets leading to it are indeed awash in corpses and lepers.
What prompted this? My aunt was over for dinner this evening, and she was telling my father and I about the trouble she's having with her photography assistant, who is really supposed to be her studio manager. This woman (the assistant) is making elementary errors on ever third piece of writing that goes out of my aunt's office. She routinely misspells things. She miscounts pictures. She names attachments incorrectly. She underlines or italicizes incorrectly. It's so painfully obvious that she's never touched a grammar or style manual in her bloody life, or if she has, she's long since forgotten everything in it. The worst thing, though, is that she just seems incapable of being detail-oriented. In fact, that's probably her entire problem.
And, of course, this woman wants to be a professional photographer. Please excuse me while I go laugh until I throw up, because it makes me that angry and sad.

Is she joking? Is she mentally disabled, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or manifestly stupid? She's got to be one of them, because in any day and age, that behavior is inexcusable.

  • You do not misspell in an email-- that's what spellcheck, the dictionary, and EVERYTHING you learned in primary school were for.
  • You do not send an email with incorrect formatting or grammar. You read it twice, right? This is NOT an IM!
  • You pay attention to details, because the second something leaves your virtual hands, it's archived and frozen in time. You know what happens to people who let a website go live with errors still present? THEY GET FIRED.
Measure twice, cut once. Do it once and do it right, It is truly as Steve Yegge put it-- 'Smart, and gets things done' is no longer sufficient. 'Done, and gets things smart' is now what is require. If being intolerant of things like this makes me an elitist, fine. If firing someone who can't do the job he or she was hired to do makes me demanding, insensitive or cruel, I reluctantly accept. I do care how people see me, yes. But more than that, I care about holding people to the social contracts they make with other humans.

25 July 2008

Will there? I think so. I mean, there was plenty at the end.

Finally finished There Will Be Blood and found it very interesting. Without a doubt, it has the oddest pacing and soundtrack I've ever seen in a film. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing as usual, takign to his role is frightening ease and intensity. And now, the obligatory meme-fest: DRAINAGE, I drink your milkshake, and I AM THE THIRD REVELATION.

Google tour today at work was interesting -- the first group looked like they'd be
far more at home with a Rock Band controller or doing jagerbombs in a
club, but the second group upped the geek quotient respectably-- one of them even had the 'dead hex' shirt on.

Of course, I got a comment on the eee. This thing really seems to be a coveted item, a real symbol of the Internet / Web 2.0 age. (which one are we living in now? I can never get it straight.) Everyone seems to want one of these, and NOT for the reasons I bought it. I bought this thing because:

  • It was cheap, cheapest laptop on the market (.350$)
  • It was very portable.
  • I needed a backup.

People now seem to be buying it because it's cute, or it's for browsing on the go, or because it's small, or any number of other superficial, silly reasons. This was the cheapest computer on the market when I bought it-- still is, actually, if we're talking about something that's actually functional for day-to-day use. Heck, even Warren Ellis bought one and that's saying something. That man never buys something he doesn't need when it comes to tech. I am truly in awe of his mobile prowess-- bow down before Internet Jesus, indeed.

03 July 2008

Sad, but oh so true.

Every OS sucks. It's a fact of life. OS X Leopard sucks. Windows XP sucks. Linux sucks. Vista sucks. Plan 9 sucks. BSD sucks. Windows 7, when it comes out, will suck.
But some suck less than others.
Ubuntu, bless the dev team's black little withered hearts, sucks less than a lot of other linux distros. Not because it's pretty. Not because it's especially usable or useful. But because it installs easily, it's easily procured, and it has many premade flavours that all WORK out of the box.
Arch Linux sucks a lot less than Ubuntu in the cleanliness, simplicity, and speed departments... but the driver support blows.
Linux Mint is prettier and flashier, but even less comprehnesible than Ubuntu.
Windows XP is flawed, yes. Clunky, yes. But everything I need runs on it and I understand why something crashes, when it does (which is not often, actually).
OS X? When something crashes, it could literally be ANYTHING'S fault. Preferences, other apps running, the underlying subsystems, the filesystem, the desktop graphics engine, ANYTHING. And of course, there's no way to turn the baubles and beads off without savaging the plists in the terminal, untraceably.

All the OSes I use suck. But I like one more than the rest, and it ISN'T because it's the one I've been using the longest, that would actually be MacOS, I think, in terms of pure time. XP sucks the least out of all the OSes I use, and continues to suck the least. That's why I'll never switch.