21 September 2007

Why the Wall Street Journal can be fun.

It might surprise some of you that I enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal. I enjoy its front-page news summaries and economic speculations, but my favorite part is in the business section. Hidden on the bottom half of a random page, in 9-point font, is the FBI's weekly list of Asset Forfeitures.
What's an Asset Forfeiture? It's what happens when you get arrested by the Federal Government- they take all the stuff that could have possibly been involved with your crime, or purchased with the spoils. The forfeitures are listed by district of state, so it's easy to find out what's been seized in your area lately. My favorite ones are the genuine WTFs. Take this one that I stumbled on a few months ago as an example.

Location: Central District of Florida
Assets seized: 2006 Maserati Quattroporte, 2001 BMW X5, 2003 Suzuki motorcycle (indeterminate model), 6 assorted shotguns in varying illegal capacities, 4 assorted semi-automatic rifles in illegal calibers, 2 IMI Desert Eagles in .44 Magnum. 600,000 dollars in cash, distributed between several safes and mattresses.
The above is an approximation based on my memory of the entry, but I think it's pretty accurate. You also see a lot of things like "40,000 dollars in cash seized from the person and vehicle of *** ***." Somebody flunked a routine traffic stop. These criminals, they're not very smart. They walk around with tens of thousands of dollars in cash on them, they leave their illegal guns in plain sight at their homes, they buy vehicles and luxuries far beyond their means... and then they get caught, and the Feds get it all.
Of course, one can't help but wonder where all this stuff GOES, and the FBI ain't telling. They even say so, right at the bottom of the list, "This property is NOT for sale." I'd pay good money (like I could) for a crack at some of those spoils... Hell, a lot of people would.

03 September 2007

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon (TM) from Widowmaker Games...

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live under the iron fist of an interdimensional occupation force? Have you ever wondered what it's like to be stranded in a dark, hopeless future, a future where humanity may soon disappear forever?

Tales from the Citadel is an attempt to recreate, through music and dialogue, the feelings of City 17 in the aftermath of the Combine invasion.
Tales from the Citadel is your look into this all-too-familiar world- Hear Combine radio chatter as they coordinate to arrest and execute Anticitizens. Hear the mournful songs of a city oppressed: actual recordings taken from public places in City 17. Hear music inspired by the plight of humanity's darkest hour.

Tales from the Citadel- your look into the dystopian future.

Here's a short sample of some of the radio drama pieces, including several of our recurring Combine enforcers- Dagger 15 and Reaper 3.