15 August 2007

Oh god, discussion forums make me sick. I'm not going to link, but I just read a post on some forum entitled "Steve Jobs doesn't care about Mac gamers." And wow, it degenerated fast. Within 20 comments, someone had come up with that timeworn saw "gamers != real people, fuck the couch potatoes who don't have a real life."
If I had a dollar every time that's come up in discussion that I personally have had, I'd be rich and possibly in prison for spending that money on an assault rifle and blowing away every single one of those inbred, narrow-minded, luddite smacktards. But that's neither here nor there.
The real point here is that I cannot believe there are still people like this alive today. How can you use the Internet, let alone all the other conveniences of modern technology, and not realize that gaming has been an integral part of the evolution of technology that we benefit from today? Gaming drives computing hardware- not from the front, but from the side, the grassroots area. What's the first thing that gets written for or installed on your stonking new server? The OS or some critical utility app. What gets written later that night when the graveyard shift sysadmin gets bored? XTank, BZFlag, or a Doom clone. Gaming is the second line that pushes the envelope in the ways that first-line software cannot and will not. No other application type demands the type, quantity and quality of resources like a game- the need for processing power, real-time 3D rendering power, disk space, memory space and bandwidth, all at the exact same time, in great quantity. Nothing can deliver quite the experience that a game does, either. Sound, Light, Motion and Interactivity- Full-immersion VR is really the only further step we can take.
So when I read, hear or see someone disparaging the people who make our modern world possible... I get the urge to dispense some caveman justice to them.
So here's a message to them- My fist, your face. STFU and enjoy your pretty world, a world brought to you by the sweat of those you so casually disparage.

What if...

The Cool Cam

Simultaneously the most horrifying and touching story I've ever read about game design.

10 August 2007

It better stop bullets for that price.


So, in the above link, Scott Beale writes about his totally awesome new laptop bag that he got from Timbuk2. He cleverly omits mentioning that it costs 150$. Now, I managed to get my current backpack (some nondescript brown thing from DaKine) for around 60$, and I thought that was a little expensive. That said, I also think that paying 60$ for a pair of jeans is ridiculous, that 15 dollars might be a bit steep for a designer t-shirt, and that 300$ is just right for a video card that will last me a year and a half. So I might have a warped sense of cost versus return.

BUT! This is not what I originally intended to bring your attention to, gentle reader. Waht I wish to point out, is that inside this 150$ bag is residing SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS worth of technological gear. That's a 7, a 5, and two zeroes.
For some reason, this makes me vaguely sick. I can't even conceive of spending 2000$ on a PC, let alone a Mac... nor could I ever imagine spending roughly 5000$ on a camera and accessories. I say I'm a consumer whore, but when I say that, I think of obsessively buying every book a particular author writes, or every game a company makes, or pre-ordering games just to get shiny boxes and such. Not this, nothing like this...

In conclusion: Mood- 0_o