19 April 2006


Just occurred to me, while animating, how much I miss having a second monitor. More is definitely better when it comes to animation, multitasking, gaming, paying attention to the important things, monitoring torrents... everything. Two monitors makes me more productive for the simple reason that I can get what I need, (exactly) when I need it. You might think it strange that I'd be too lazy to open thunderbird to check my mail, but realize this- every step I have to perform is one step that pulls time away from what I'm actually doing, breaking my flow. Every step is another excuse not to do something, which is why I endeavour to make everything I do a simple or entertaining as possible.
I multitask... it's impossible not to, with a personality like mine. I get ideas, half-formed things that flit through my head at the speed of thought, and if I don't grab them and act on them then and there, they fly away, never to be seen again.
That's why.

08 April 2006


MxO shots up here. Look, enjoy, marvel, await more or decide that it sucks.

03 April 2006

Many happy reruns

Well, today's my birthday, and I forgot it. I forgot my own birthday, until two people I had told last night reminded me. It's an uncomfortable feeling.
MxO Anniversary event is over, and what an event it was, let me say. Sleepwalkers, Security and Searchlights, oh my! I'll upload some pictures later.