13 February 2006


Tired, so very tired... Going to class again is rough, especially after one of my 4-day weekends. I don't doubt that they'll be full of work and stuff I need to do, though. Taking an "intensive" animation course with Chris Perry (late of Pixar...) and a 200-level SS course is going to eat my time. If it doesn't, well, then I'll have to figure out something else to occupy myself- like coding a loadout manager for the Matrix Online. Level 18 as of today, looking to move up quickly. Attended a party for Wire393's level 50. She got there in 11 months, natch... I hope I can be half that fast. Levelling is a bit tedious, though not nearly as bad as it was when I quit. I can be a halfway decent power in my own right, currently. I'm finally into the third-tier trees, which allows me a great diversity of loadouts and suchlike, so I can avoid getting bored ^_^. Not quite to the point where I can load two second-tier trees yet, but I'll be there soon. Ah... it's refreshing having so many things to choose from to provide me leisure.