27 January 2006

The Returner

Returner, n. One Who Returns. Also an interesting Japanese movie.

I'm back from a long break, which I think did me good. Last post was... December 9th, 2005. Well, happy 2006 everyone! As of now I've finished my Jan Term course, Introduction to Writing, and I have my IA credit out of the way. Speaking of which, I need to deliver that portfolio.
Just got out of an intense session of The Matrix Online, in which I actually interacted with a storyline character! I was minding my own business, running around Camon Heights North, thinking about taking a quick trip to International... when a Commando named SgtCross appreared at my Hardline. Remembering Niobe's command to "help any Commandoes you come across," I sent a tell to him. To my surprise, he responded, and came back to my hardline! So, here I am, feeling like it's my first date, fiddling with my clothes, trying to look my best. He comes up, shakes my hand and asks me to lead him on some missions! I respond in character, of course. We go do a mission, and man... he is in character like no-one else! We're chatting about the machines, and how insecure the area is, and how the General and Zion are allies, and we're kicking a fair amount of ass too. He makes some comment about my beta sunglasses and boots, and how he recognizes them... and I nearly flip my lid... At the end of the mission, I'm so overcoem with awesoem that I have to log off, giving the appropriate explanation in character... and he GIVES me a pair of kick-ass pants, for free, and then ninjas away! HOLY SHIT!
I nearly peed myself. God dammit, I LOVE this game. Thank you, MxO Live Events team, for giving me this awesome experience.