09 December 2005

should be working

But... 8 inches of snow! woo!
And I also got Guitar Hero... that gaem is SO AWESOME. It has now fulfilled all my dreams of rocking out and acting like and idiot with a guitar. I just need to jump off of a couch while playing a power chord, then my life will be temporarily complete.

04 December 2005


It's snowing! Started last night and hasn't stopped yet... forecast says around 4 inches. Yay for white coolness and no pressure to go outside.

02 December 2005


I should be working, but I need to vent on this particular subject.
There are times when a person gets far too good at something, and can't recognize that. This person keeps going, absolutely murdering everyone else that does this thing, and just keeps winning. Nothing ever works against them, and they just can't seem to get that everyone really just wants them to FUCK OFF AND DIE. Stop playing the god damn game, and let people catch up. Do you REALLY feel the need to prove yourself by making everyone else feel completely useless? The only way to get even a token victory is to just NOT PLAY. Nobody wants to do that, but it's unavoidable! The second we want to do something, there it is, the immovable object getting in the way of any kind of progress.
Is your life SO pathetic that this is the onlyway you can feel good? If so, please DIE.

thank you all for listening. this has been a public service announcement to avoid the murder of josh marchan.