09 November 2005

Attention attention

As much as it will sadden me to leave a post like this on the front page, here it is.
The Silent W will be going dark for a while... how long, I don't know. Things are getting tough, and time is short... so blogging is going to be suspended. See you on the flipside.

01 November 2005


I fuckin' caved. I finally got a facebook account. God, I feel so pathetic.
Oh well, time to post news. Yay for porn. Um... what can I say, it's interesting. Maybe I'll end up doing something just as interesting for my job. Not that I'd want their jobs or anything... dating a porn star would be interesting for about two dinner dates, just to hear her stories. I hear it's a tough industry, especially for the guys. Well, we ARE a race of people who love making money off of others' suffering. But I must remember what a famous arms dealer said once- "The biggest mistake any arms dealer can make is picking up some merchadise and joining the customers." Same would apply to sex in the porn industry, I'd imagine.
Whee, FLCL is awesome if only for the music (because I have a strange aversion to watching it again).
Tired. More eventually.