29 August 2005

Home again.


I got to college without DYING! Or ODing on drugs, or getting pissed out of my mind (ok, lies).
I am now alive and well and moved in at Hampshire college near Amherst, Mass. (I think that the city is actually Hadley). I just got here today and moved in. My computer arrived in one piece, except for the speakers, which were broken by clumsy UPS peoples I can get new ones, and I still have my headphones. Twas sad to see my parents go, but I think I'll miss them more later. It's tougher being away from my love, though. I fell like I never get to spend enough time with her. At least she's coming to visit in October, though. That will be ever so fun ^_^.
I leave for the pre-college trip tomorrow, so I'll be out of contact for three days more (even by cell phone, TOTALLY out), but them I'm back here for the rest of the year. Leave a comment to get my AIM, YIM and email, shouldst thou wish to contact me later.

As the immortal Chef from South Park once said- "There's a time and place for everything, and it's called college."


Backdate this.

SUBJECT- Linux Woes

Urrrgh... Despite my avowed dislike of Microsoft, I refuse to switch to Linux. This is mostly because I want to still be able to play games without using WineX, but it is also because of this- Linux is picky. Damm picky. I have in my posession an IBM ThinkPad 600X. I have needed a laptop for quite some time, and when my friend in the tech department insinuated that it had problems (most likely easily fixable), but it
wasn't worht his time to fix, I took the hint and snapped it up.The CMOS battery was dead, so I replaced it,. But the real fun began before that, before the battery died. Y'see, I had been trying for three weeks solid to get it to run Lniux. And I was trying HARD here. In the end, I ended up downloading three different distros (and four seperate versions of one particular one), burning about 20 CDs with six seperate burning programs and three seperate CD burners, and having NOTHING to show for it but a non-booting ThinkPad. Don't get me wrong, I have not given up (oh no, I've put too much time and blood into this to give up NOW). I just would like to say that the Linux community might benefit from a little heads-up. I'm a damm good tech and a passable programmer. I can diagnose and fix nearly any version of Windows or OS X (Tiger a speciality). I, of all people, should NOT have this much trouble trying
to install a god-damm operating system. I should not have to go through this much crap to get what is supposedly the best OS on the planet running.
A good OS team should be able to put up .isos on its own website that will pass a media verification check. Fedora Core, I am looking straight at you. I tried four different versions of your distro from four different download sites and got the same "media verification check failed" on EVERY FRIGGING CD I BURNED. Oh, and please realize that every one of those CDs checksummed PERFECTLY before and after burning. Time lost- 8-10 hours.
A good OS team should be able to display the install menu in plain text on just about any display. Now, I would understand perfectly what my problem was if I were trying to install Linux on an SGI Indy with a Synch-On-Green SGI custom monitor. But come on, a simple LCD is not tough to figure out. Mandriva, I point my accusatory finger at you. No matter what I did, your install program would only show me kalidescopic
patterns of UTTER CRAP on my screen. Time lost- not much, I gave up quickly.
A good Live-CD team SHOULD be able to tell you what hardware is supported for their distro. I guess that's too much to ask from the fine folks at Knoppix. Not only would your Live-CD not boot, it kernel paniced in new and interesting way EVERY SINGLE TIME. Time lost- Some.
Any OS team should be able to make a bootable CD, right? Nope! The BSD team seems to have forgotten how to do it. I burned their CDs five times, and not a single one would boot. Time lost- hours.
Right now, I'm downloading Kubuntu's 5.04 distro. I'm sincerely PRAYING that it's going to be the one. If it's not, I'll download another, and another, and another until I find one that works, because I am committed. But you know something? I sincerely doubt that ANYONE would bother putting out this much effort. I could have made hundreds of Windows installs in the time I've wasted.
Sure, Windows crashes. But at least it works most of the time.
Right now, I'm almost angry enough to give the linux comminuty a hearty "fuck you very much" and go with that.

UPDATE: Is anyone surprised when I say that Kubuntu didn't work? I'm not.

26 August 2005

The Dearly Departed

Today is my last day at home. Tomorrow at 4 something I'll wake up and head to the airport to fly to Boston, and from there drive to college.
Last night was my farewell dinner, a lovely thing with ahi tuna steaks and cheesecake for dessert (yay for my favorite food). Just now I uninstalled Thief Gold, the last game I have here. My books are all packjed, the only thing left is my clothing, which is going to get thrown into bags sometime today. Tonight I sleep on the couch, because my bed needs clean sheets for my cousin, who is coming to take care of my sister while my parents and I are away.
I spent some time with Zorro (my black cat) this morning, just lying in bed with him sleeping on the covers. He still drools a lot, but the vet doesn't think it's anything serious. We think it's just stress, at least I do. I think he's worried and scared about all the bags he sees around, and all the packing up. He doesn't like it when any of us leave, and he's a fragile little thing at the best of times. Lily (his sister) is much different; she's always tearing around and accting like she's hopped up on a speedball. It's probably her way of dealing with it.
I got some nice going-away presents from parents and such last night, sad though they made me. Some objects of great sentimental value, ones that I will treasure deeply.
I may post more later, going to the PO to mail boxes and such.

03 August 2005

yay yay

yay I ordered my DVD burner just now (A BenQ DW1620... 50 bucks and comes with a 25pack of DVDs, niiice). Also, I am officially a better tech than anyone at microsoft. I have single-handedly been able to fix what no-one at microsift has yet been able to fix, in regards to Active Directory integration with OSX Tiger 10.4.2. HAH. I can get Microsoft Office 2004 to save any files in their native format on the active directory server, without problems. I WIN THE INTERNET. I'll be posting this on some forum soon, just so that people know it's possible.

01 August 2005

oh, the steelyness.

Oooh, I just saw a shiny new button just above my text in this blogger window- "recover post" Now that's impudence (ok so it's useful too).

Ah my GOD, just had an INCREDIBLY annoying moment there. I was originally writing this post on a Powerbook G4 in Safari. Seems that safari doesn't support the "edit HTML" and "compose" switcher buttons in blogger! This means that when I went to add a linky... no go, gringo. ARGH. So I had to switch computers (get a new one off the rack, teehee, don't tell. I think that could come under willful misuse of company property) and come back to the post. Damm you Apple, why must you be so shiny and yet so useless?

On to the NEWS-
Rwandan genocide offenders forced to wallow in own feces; enjoy. Poetic justice if I ever saw it.
More human waste jokes: I drank pee for NASA.
Oh look, yet MORE inappropriate jokes: Pardon my C-cup: Why STEALTH is a load of crap.

Well, enough of making you two people who visit here read other people's writing.
I'm actually composing this from work, because I'm waiting for stuff to happen... there's a lot of that in this job. Contrary to popular belief, computers are quite slow when you want them to do something worthwhile.
Saw STEALTH last night... woo boy, that movie could not suspend my disbelief for more than two seconds. It combines an older, less funny 'Maverick' from Top Gun with a large dose of Jessica Biel's feminine assets, faux-rapper idiocy, and a genial AI that sounds like a stoned version of Christopher Walken. We also get to see Russians and Terrorists blown up. As my dad said, "if they spent half as much money on writing as they did on special effects, it could have been a good movie." I agree heartily. There were lots of cool moments, I will say, and I did have fun seeing it, but it insulted my intelligence every second. Come on, US Navy women do NOT wear babydoll tees underneath their flightsuits. Neither do they have C-cups. As my girlfriend will attest, anything bigger than an A-cup HURTS when physical activity (such as running from North Korean no-goodniks) is involved. (get your minds out of the gutter.) Oh well, at least AIs will have good taste in music in the future. And they'll act like petulant teenagers. Could be worse.
I think they should have used SHODAN's voice for the robot plane... now THAT would have been scary.
Talon 1- "Tin-Man, return to base!"
Eddie- "Negative. Die, irritant." *BOOM*
Anime note- SOMEONE who was involved with the movie saw Sentou Yousei Yukikaze (lit. trans. Battle Fairy Snow-Wind), a very cool futuristic air-combat anime. There are several moments that are undeniable homage to that series. First up is the look of the unmanned fighter. Hmm... globular, spherical AI core, circular, LED-ringed 'eye' camera, and a "cockpit"? Looks a LOT like the drone from Yukikaze ep. 2 to me. The Talon fighters that our protagonists fly also resemble the Ghoul fighters that the FAF is flying in the beginning of episode 1. Hell, the whole "cockpit goes dark when plane is powered down" thing on the UCAV is ripped straight out of the JAM pseudo-Sylphs. Also, some of the air combat moves are undeniably Yukikaze- The 'cut engines, spin 180 and fire guns' is probably one of the coolest moments in Yukikaze, and STEALTH steals it nearly verbatim (although it is not as awesome due to the fact that the UCAV is firing at a plane, not a missile(!), and he doesn't make a FULL 180).
I still want the DVD and the soundtrack.

Unleashed should be released soon... looks to be an AWESOME movie with Jet Li playing a human raised like a killer dog. It's also on my Netflix list (I love you netflix), so I'll get it the second it's out.

Again, there are not enough hours in the day to play battlefield 2 and world of warcraft. Actually, I'm thinking of moving away from BF2. It really needs a patch and some weapon balancing. It's way too easy to vehicle-rape control points, and flyers are in more danger from a crappy pilot than they are from SAMs. And thirdly, wtf is up with people never playing the MEC maps? Lastly, they need to do something about the voices. WHY CAN I NOT UNDERSTAND MY OWN GODDAMM TEAM UNLESS I TURN ALL ENGLISH VOICES ON? For crying out loud, I want to have Farsi or Chinese-accented voices speaking english for my own teammate's voices. I want to be able to know what's going on around me without memorizing farsi or chinese phrases. If you see me, gimme a shout, I'll be playing as SilentW.
In the world of warcraft, I'm moving up slowly in levels. Now that I've found a good grinding spot I'll be levelling much faster, assuming I can not die of boredom. I actually think I'm far more likely to die of enemies, what with being a rogue and all. God, I HATE hunters. Stupid people with ranged weapons SHOOTING me so I can't stun kite or ANYTHING, so I end up pulling too much aggro and dying. Can't WAIT until I get to a high enough level to do cool stuff like raid or something... that's where the real meat is, PvP.

I need a DVD burner before I leave for college... need to back up all my stuff so I'll have tow copies in case everything goes pear-shaped with the shipping. Also need to photograph my computer and value-estimate all the components for insurance purposes.

Back to work.