31 July 2005

too many tounges

I always worry about that word, tounges. I always wonder if I spell it right. No spellchecker has ever said that I did, but they always confuse it with lounges or something.
This ergonomic keyboard is dying, probably because I have hammered it several times in Battlefield 2-induced fits of rage. I need to be more gentle with my equipment.
Just got a new book to read, yclept "Iron Council" by China Mieville, one of my favorite authors. I was kind of sorry to see that he's fallen into the same trap that many other writers have lately, which is the trap of using gay sex as a cheap literary trick. Come on, just because someone is gay does not mean I am sympathetic to them. It does not mean that I am going to go "wow, this guy is a strong, original character." I don't need to know the sexual orientation or the details of his proclivities. I don't really WANT to, if it comes to that. I want a person with personality, and that is easily done without detailing sexscapades and the like. What I want to see is character interaction. I don't mind moments of tenderness as development, regardless of the sexual orientation of the participants- a little bump and grind can be helpful. But detailing all the wayward thoughts and sordid details of a gay man trying to find someone to bed is going too far. It's cheapening the stuggle that the homosexual has in today's society, the struggle he (or indeed she) has to fit into or split from the "queer eye" stereotype. What if he's not into decorating, doesn't have impeccable taste in clothing and wine? There are a lot of gay men out there that are nothing like the limp-wristed, turtleneck-wearing GAP employee-types, and they are unrepresented. Oh, the irony. Going from unaccepted to only being accepted if you (basically) act like a woman.
Had an interesting incident today with my monitor... darn thing kept telling me that "H.V FREQUENCY OVER RANGE" when I tried to change back to 1280x1024 after Battlefield 2 crashed. I needed to reinstall my driver before it would work again... And another thing, I'm getting wierd freezes in BF2, ones that have nothing to do with graphics specs or anything. It's like something is eating my CPU for seconds at a time, and it's happening in WoW too.
Yeek, went on a tiny security kick there. With visions of malware dancing in my head, I grabbed the latest version of Spybot (google it) and installed it. The check hasn't found anything yet, but I'll tell Norton to scan the system while I'm at the movies tonight just in case.
Aaack, spybot found some bad stuff, mostly cookies though. Whew. I need to scan more often, I have gotten complacent and fat with my firewall and suchlike. I wonder how the average user deal with this kind of stuff... oh wait, they call ME. Heh.
Fixed my router too today- reset the settings so I could reset the password since I'd forgotten it
Us techies have bad memory too, you know. Tomorrow the other half of my family comes home (woo) and I have work (not so woo but at least I am earning money). Then the girlfriend is back home, (woo^2) and I have two days with her before she has to take her Pony Club B rating (very stressful and tough)... then I am off to the East Coast, then back here packing frenziedly, and then off to college.
Urm, can we say lots to do, little time? I can.

28 July 2005


Recent headline- Yahoo buys Konfabulator.
As a result, this formerly for-pay application is now available for free (as in beer). I decided to check it out, mostly because of rumors that Apple ripped off the entire 'widget' concept for OS 10.4 Tiger.
Despite the abundance of cool stuff in K, I kan't bring myself to keep it on my komputer. (ok, that was bad) Reasons follow-
1. Bad community- I think I could count the number of developers of widgets on the fingers of one hand.
2. Lack of useful widgets- I have two widgets out of the 600 or so on the website actually running. Neither of them is actually "useful."
3. Resource hog. When running Konfabulator, playing Battlefield 2 is like trying to follow a Henry James novel read by a dyslexic 3rd grader with a f-f-fear of p-p-public s-s-speaking.
In summary- sorry K, better luck next time. Apple did it better and now you're a joke.

10 July 2005

It's summertime! (Need money.)

Argh, so many cool sales, so little time. I'm going to put in a big online order soon to Split Reason and ThinkGeek. Among my list of "stuff that would be cool to get" are the following-
Marshmallow guns

Hmm, I think that's all that springs to mind.
In other departments, have you ever had SO MANY games that really, actually, physically, could not play all of them enough? I do. Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 demo, Raven Shield, Total Annhilation, World of Warcraft, Halo CE, CS: Source... jesus, there are not enough fucking hours in the day to sustain my addiction. I am suffering an overdose of pleasure and goodness. I love them all dearly, and I want to play them all, simultanteously, because each one stimulates a seperate point in my mind, and pleases me in a unique way. If someone could make a massively multiplayer, highly tactical, swords-and-sorcery, while still modern and futuristic game with incredible graphics, a great teamplay community, strategic elements, and fun factor through the roof... it would be comprised of the epitome of all the games mentioned above.
Never happen, of course. Unless I suddenly become a game designer.