26 June 2005

Halo's back

Booted up the old Halo CE for PC the other day, and came across a glut of maps that are each a self-contained slice of Halo 2 goodness. Woot. Downloaded all of them, and joined a server playing Slayer on Zanzibar with five other people. The following is an approximate recreation of the game. The enemy players are all members of the same clan, [OGZ].

[OGZ]Killa was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]RickJames was killed by SilentW
Double Kill!
[OGZ]Wolverine was killed by SilentW
Killing Spree!
[OGZ]Jack was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]RickJames was killed by SilentW
SilentW was killed by [OGZ]EinZweiDrei
[OGZ]EinZweiDrei was killed by SilentW
[OGZ] Wolverine was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]Killa was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]RickJames was killed by SilentW
Killing Spree!
Double Kill!
[OGZ]Jack was killed by SilentW
Triple Kill!
[OGZ]Wolverine was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]Jack was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]Killa was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]EinZweiDrei was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]Killa was killed by SilentW
[OGZ]RickJames: well guys im out for tonite
[OGZ]EinZweiDrei quit
[OGZ]Jack quit
[OGZ]Killa quit
[OGZ]RickJames quit

And then I see this message pop up on my screen- "The server has closed down." I tell ya, nothing gives you the warm fuzzies like 0wning people SO HARD, that they just up and leave.

23 June 2005

Workin' stiff

A lot has happened.
I graduated sucessfully. I spent the next monday working at what is now my old high school, then got on a plane and flew to British Colombia, Canada, for my girlfriend's graduation. That lasted until the pervious sunday, and I'm not going to go into any details... just let it be know that these two censenting adults had a VERY good time indeed. Flight was delayed, so I got home around 1 AM on monday.. went to work late, and work is where I have been for the entire week- cleaning, sorting, all the IT jobs that need to be done.
Today I went down to Subway (woo) to get lunch, and stopped by the corner store on the way back. As I got to the register, the two guys behind the counter start cracking up. I'm thinking, what, do I look funny? Then I realize I'm wearing this shirt, and of course it all becomes clear. So, I have a short discussion with these men on the subject of Satan's expulsion from heaven (lost to jesus at Halo 2), the subsequent events (the naming of someone as a "camping bitch"), and the resultant state of affairs (xbox live). Then, fully fortified with humor, I returned to the school to eat.

08 June 2005

done. forever.

school is over. senior year is over. i graduate on saturday. last lan of the year is on friday, and i'll gladly skip the 'senior celebration' to go to it. fuck everyone in my class secept a select few. i never wanted to play their gaems and i'll be dammed if i can find any attatchemnt to them. good riddance to bad rubbish. john o'connor- if you give me a single reason, i will fucking deck you. i'm giggling with glee at the THOUGHT of doing that. and btw-
This is an actual AIM conversation. I am UsagiYoJumbo, Todd Von Ammon is severalbeverages.

UsagiYoJumbo: I'd laugh if JOC got tasered
UsagiYoJumbo: laugh hella hard
UsagiYoJumbo: and I'd ask for the video
severalbeverages: OH MY GOD I WOULD LAUGH SO HARD
UsagiYoJumbo: hahaha
severalbeverages: that would be the funniest shit ever
UsagiYoJumbo: yes
severalbeverages: tased by a cop
severalbeverages: squealing like that black lady
UsagiYoJumbo: LOL
severalbeverages: or just looking so uncomfortable and indignant without saying shit
UsagiYoJumbo: that would be the best present I ccould ever get
severalbeverages: wayyyyyyyyyy better than dome
That is all I have to say about THAT.
Playing Raven Shield more now, it's good, very good. Also branching out into The Specialists for HL1. Fun mod, nothing like wasting people with a shotgun to brighten up your day. Less stress right now than almost ever, both thanks to my new Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite. I bought it for 40$ because I was fucking fed up with using a shitty keyboard that made my wrists ache like hell and killed my gaming. There was a learning/ adaption period that is still kind of going on, but it was worth every cent. And linux users, please note- no more emacs pinky! The alt and ctrl keys are biiiig and niiiice. wee.

04 June 2005

still tired

Not as much as before, but still bad.
The golden gate transit system SUCKS. I spent four hours going to my school and back. This is a trip that, with traffic, takes 30 minutes on way. I spent under 45 minutes AT school. Using consummate math skills, that means I spent about three hours and 15 minutes going to and from. Ugh.
Hopefully, Hampshire college will have a better record with its transit system.
www.dystopia-mod.com -- visit them. they got good stuff. I likes.