27 March 2005

Bunny day *shudder*

Mmmm... chocolate. Actually, NO. I haven't seen ANY easter chocolate or anything today. I'm a little cheesed off about that, because I'm used to getting an easter basket. But unfortunately, easter came early this year and so I get nothing and like it. Oh well, not the end of the world.
I saw Repo Man last night and it was a damm good movie. Very modern in terms of pacing, action and content, actually. Now I fully understand why Chesley showed it to us in film class last year. I'm think that it could have been made into a really good horror movie, mythos or zombie-style. (For those of you who haven't seen it, a short summary- Otto is your average 18-year-old white, suburban punk. When he discovers that his parents have given all of their excess money to a televangelist, he becomes a repo man on the tail of a Chevy Malibu with a neutron bomb hidden in the trunk.) If the trunk was full of deep ones or maybe shan brain-bugs, that could have been a VERY good horror movie. Otto and the repo men would have narrowly escaped being parasitized, and then they'd have to team up with some of the other characters and go rid Los Alamos of the infestation. Wow, I sense a Call of Cthulhu story here. Damm, I've been getting good ideas lately. I credit it to reading comic books. No, seriously. I had a discussion with Richard Bender the other day about this and the consensus was as follows- Comic book writers (like Warren Ellis) are free to let their imaginations run riot in a comic because of the serialized, episodic nature of the medium. This means that they don't have to invent and stick to working storyline for 400 or so pages like your average novel writer does. More importantly, the writer also has to consider how the story will be drawn. It has to LOOK good. This means that you're not going to see boring, pointless throwaway characters like those that appear in so many novels. Your main characters are going to be distinctive and cool, with their own quirks and visual idiosyncracies.
Either you believed that, or maybe I just like watching things get blown up ^_^

(Quick update on the iTunes DRM getting cracked. Apple fixed it, and then the guy broke it AGAIN! Excuse me while I go gag myself to prevent hysterical, maniacal laughter.)

18 March 2005

Ze Goggles, Zey Do NUSSINK!

Apple DRM r00t3d
Quick one here. Read and laugh at Apple. Hubris breeds nemesis, smacktards.

I'm, ah... tired... very tired. Being tired is all I can think about right now, because I've had a tiring week full of stress about unimportant things and because I don't do work when I should. Like for example, I can't (or can I, I suppose I should try...) call my GF's mom now, because it's late and she might get pissed, so I can't check my return flight time so I'm gonna be totally fucked when my mom figures out I didn't do that, because I NEED to get this ticket yesterday. Otherwise, I'm not going to Galaway Downs horse show with my GF, and I an't gonna get NOTHING for my birthday, which would probably be the worst thing in my life, because I have been waiting fro this, my 18th birthday, for-fucking-ever.
Let me back up, because this is all in two weeks and I'm really just avoiding talking about the present. Rami is godess of blogging, so saith busblog, and so it shall be for ever and ever, AMEN. Aparrently I need to learn how to blog, and so that's my guide. This is an almost hillarious turn of events, in a sick, sick way, because I promised and I mean REALLY PROMISED to myself that I WOULD NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES:
1. Bitch about my life, do "my life sucks" posts.
3. Write something I hadn't thought through.
4. Write unuseful shit.
5. Curse excessively.
6. Post personal material.
Blogging is apparently about breaking every single one of those rules. I am SO boned.
Oh, and I bloody missed the end of the MxO beta. Fuck me silly with a Festivus pole, I really wanted to be part of that. Bugger all.

Counter-Strike: Source-- "Oh my god, it's full of fucktards!"
I hate you. Yes, you, Senor Asshat, the one sitting in your room giggling like a monkey on speed. Yes, you, the jackass who just threw a grenade in the spawn. Why did you do it? Does it amke you cool? I don't care. What I DO care about is that I take time out of my life to play this game. I like it, it's leisure for me, and it's more fun when everyone is playing by the same set of rules. MY RULES. MY rules say that if you are acting with subhuman intelligence, I will treat you like a subhuman. I will go get my .30-06 hunting rifle, and shoot your pathetic fucking ass from a treestand. Then I shall proceed to piss on your corpse and eat your flesh, uncooked. I will also take a trophy, perhaps a scalping would be in order. I feel viriulent hatred toward you, sir fucktard. FROM MY PARENTS' HOUSE, SHITCOCK, I STAB AT THEE!

If this post doesn't get me removed from the UHS blogring, I'm going to LAUGH long and hard. See what you have wrought, UHS. See your student descend into debauchery and bacchanalian splendor. Not that I'm even one to talk. During that damn university of michigan survey (I wanted my cut from the loot... 5$ isn't too much to ask, is it?), I was marking "never" for al the drug use choices and not lying. Made me feel like a yellow-bellied creep, who the fuck am I to be asked what's normal? Jesus, go ask a cokehead like... John O'Connor or Paul Free. Don't ask me, who's never even gotten drunk (fucking high body weight, I ask you... that and the fact that sake only comes in liter bottles in Japan.)

Richard Marcinko, I bloody love you. Thanks for teaching me the best insults and dirty russian I know.
i'm out munching on your doormat like yob tovy mat, communists. word?

Uhm, I'm not done yet, actually, so it's review time.

  • Game- Painkiller
  • Status- 25% finished.
  • Story- You is heaven's hitman. Take down several of Satan's prized generals.
  • Nutshell- Blow shit up, kill shit, rinse and repeat until bored.
  • Review- The demo kicked ass. Right away, I can say the full version does not live up to it. The demo showcased some of the really cool levels... and they are nowhere to be found in the beginning of the game. The beginning starts you off in a graveyard with a shotgun. Then you get to shoot skeletons for what seems like 30 minutes. This is a BAD beginning, and it gets worse. You traipse through the entire first "act" (set of five levels) with three guns. THREE. I don't give a fuck that they have alternate firemodes, that is a god damm GIVEN in games these days. You are given to play with, the eponymous Painkiller, a weed-whacker from hell combined with a grappling-hook doohicky that can lift only MASSIVE FUCKING SKELETONS IN ARMOR, BUT NOT YOU. An incredibly cool option, gone. Then the shotgun/ freezegun, which is boring and wimpy-sounding. Last comes the stake/grenade launcher-gun. Stakes pinion enemies to walls, showing off that wack HAVOK physics engine. Welcome to 2003, Painkiller, you'll feel right at home. I'm half-way through the second episode, and there is not another gun in sight.. but there ARE LOADS of wierd, creepy, lovecraftitan monster that make even ME recoil slightly. They're just... a little TOO well-done, or maybe the mental asylum level strikes a chord with me ^_^. But no matter, because you can take one look at any monster and figure out what to do. That's right, shoot the bugger right in the kisser. And keep doing it, until it falls over dead. No, it doesn't matter how big or scary or armored it LOOKS, just shoot it until it dies. And that's also how to deal with the bosses. Some, I've heard tell, have TRICKS. That usually means "shoot X OBVIOUS FUCKING GLOWING bit until it goes boom, then wail on the main body."
  • Endgame- Who the fuck am I to complain? I got it for free, AND I finished Serious Sam. Twice.

06 March 2005

For the record...

I wonder how many times I've decided to blog instead of doing 'real' work.. and now that I actually think about it for a few seconds, the answer is once. Maybe. This makes twice. Title link is to an absolutely kickass interview/ biography of Beck, one of the greatest musicians I've ever had the privelage to listen to. Warning-- it is located on the nytimes.com website, so soul-sucking free registration is required. If you don't wanna, use username hbonyt, password halo2.
I've always liked Beck's music, even though I have admittedly not heard too much of it (damm high CD prices and my lack of willingness to pirate music). It's struck a chord with me (woohoo, two bad puns in a single post); it represents a kind of music that I';d enjoy making as well as listening to agfter making it. Trance and the other vunues my music-making has been limited to are good, but trance and electronica are most defvinitely not fun to listen to when you are the one who has made the song. The magic isn't there, the zone doesn't come, you know what's going on in the beats and it makes you stress out about what you could or couldn't have done to make it flow smoother. Beck's music is minimalistic at times, bombasitc adn all-encomapssing at others, but it always has multiple lines going and it's always digestible. You can figure out what's going on in the song and know that it was done right.
Went and punched paper at the range yesterday. Got out the Ruger mk2 and a Glock 19, three boxes of one and one of the other. My accuracy is not bad, but it certainly could be improved, especially with the Glock... which was double-tapping when it shouldn't have been. The Ruger 22/45 I used at the end was jamming every third round or so, gave me plenty of practice clearing jams: pull slide, drop the mag, check the breech, shake and pull the slide, reload mag, chamber a round, check the safety and fire. It's good to know how to fix your weapon, not just how to shoot it, because I think it encourages the formation of a gestalt of the gun. It's not just a weapon, not just a piece of equipment, not just something to fix. It's all of them and it needs to be treated as such. When I go back next weekend I'm going to try the Beretta M9, maybe the Walther P99. I like the P99, smooth composite and a good feel, not too much recoil either. But I still need practice, lots of practice. My 9mms shot consistently low, so I need to work on not dropping the muzzle before I fire.
MxO is slowing down, levelling is much harder now and due to the stress test the enemy mobs are CRAZY now. Guns hurt >.< I need to spend more time playing it instead of avioding it though, because I DO have a job to do there. I gotta test and dammit, I ordered the bloody thing. I think it'll get better when I can grab some cool special moves for my Karate discipline.
March 6th, little less than two weeks until the games begin... And if you don't know and are under 17 (the new 18), you don't deserve to know. Heh.