30 January 2005


I'm sick.
I got hit, HARD, by a nasty strain of the flu that felt like it was winding up for the one-two punch all the way outta costa rica. Some bad mojo on the end of a stick, like intestines in the gutter on a rainy day, flung at your windshield.
Bad fever, felt like someone had been busy sitting on my chest while putting a c-clamp on my skull and shoving a match down my throat.
I suddenly have the urge to read some New Orleans detective literature, the kind that involves sticky summer nights, yellow jack, and voodoo. Books that make you want to ask "what the HELL is a humfor?" I think it's because I haven't been able to keep up on my cthulhu readings lately. Need more HPL.
The upshot of my sickness? My room is clean, and I got Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Verdict on SCPT-- SP was passable, MP is underrated (very few people play).

FYI: A humfor is a sort of spiritual 'airlock' for voodoo ceremonies. Supposed to keep good loa inside, bad loa out.

20 January 2005


I'm back to blogging, fearless reader. Yeah, I'm talking to you, guy sitting in the corner watching me type. You're creeping me out, go read someone else's blog.
Well, I'm now even more MikroShaft free thanks to Blackbox for windows. No more crashy, eveil windows explorer for me anymore. Nossir, my shell is minimalism and I'm lovin' it. Multiple workspaces, cool themes, and best of all, hackable menus.
On a seperate note, the joy of all-keyboard text editors in my room is almost palpable. I just discovered FTE, a KISS DOS text editor that has syntax highlighting and everything. Oh god, I love it. It's simple, pure, and keeps me focused on the task at hand.
LAN tomorrow. 'Nuff said there.

Today we had a political B-block, a discussion where people voiced their political views and what had given them their views. Someone got the bright idea of trying to make the USA PATRIOT act seem legit and necessary. Fat fucking chance anyone with half a brain woud agree with THAT. The funny thing was that I expected more out of this person; I know she's smarter than that. To cut down on the anecdote, I responded that if a terrorist wants to make sure the government can't read his email, he spoofs the incoming and outgoing addresses, uses a proxy and encrypts it with PGP using a 4096-bit one-time pad. That's nearly guaranteed unbreakable. Now that we have established that anyone can freeze uncle sam out of their communications, it means that the only way e-wiretapping can be used is to spy on private citizens who send email in the clear. This means that the CIA, FBI and police can read your email any time, anywhere. I'm not going to tolerate "it needs a warrant" bullshit. Law enforcement does whatever the hell it pleases and shoots or locks up anyone they see fit.
And then I was done and someone who I THOUGHT I was at least on acceptable terms with comes out and trivializes me. Well, fuck him. Fuck ANYONE who wants to trivialize it.

Anyone out there who wants to contradict me, answer to something I've said, make fun of me--
If you're going threough with suh a cowardly thing, at least have the balls to say it to me in person. Because there's nothing I enjoy more than a bare-knuckled brawl. And make it GOOD, because you won't be able to get in another.

06 January 2005


It's 2005 now. College apps = done. School = tomorrow. Jesus, can't I EVER get a break? Feels like I haven't REALLY had a vacation yet. BAH-GAH.
At least it's second semester of senior year! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yay, fun time!

Camera: slow pan to the right. i muskia: MGS2 theme
Camera pans across armor being polished, sword being sharpened.
"And so it came to pass that his exile ended. Reluctantly, he was called to take up sword and defend his birthright."

I really need to become a movie director. Either that or figure out how to use Maya and 3DSMax. Electric Image just isn't good enough.