27 November 2004

Ok, Ok, time to pimp.

[[NOTE: Blogger was down last night, so I have to post this now.]]

I once thought I'd never be doing this, but it's time to begin pimping other people's blogs. I NEED some hits, people ^_^
Here's Zach Lipton's Blog... he's actually in the same school I am. Haha, yes drooling admirers, I have SHAKEN the holy hand of Zach Lipton. I have been in the same room with him for more than five minutes. Really, he's not such hot stuff anymore, jeez.. (Joking, of course. Zach Lipton is a great techie and a good hacker. I respect him very much for what he does.)
I was in City Lights bookstore today in SF, and was browsing their 'technology' section when I came across a book entitled "Hacker Culture." I was so amazed that a person could purport to fit an entire culture into one 200-page manifesto that I picked it up and began skimming. After not really reading anything at all for about five minutes, I had a sort of epiphany. If I'm reading this book in the first place, I am definitively NOT part of the 'hacker culture'. If I am doing anything other than passing this book off as a narrow slice of what it would LIKE to explain, I am doing myself a disservice. If I even spend the time to read one chapter, I'll be destroying what I so desperately want to find out.
So I put it down and walked back into the science-fiction section, picked up a copy of "The Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson, and bought it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read it.

[[Addendum: I actually didn't end up reading it at all that night. I was busy with other things. I'll get to it at some point.]]

25 November 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all, a happy turkey day to everyone out there. An ESPECIALLY happy one to all those I love.
First up: I didn't know that car advertising could be THIS cool. (Quicktime required) More details here. Appears that they're doing a spinoff of the "mini cooper robot" thing that went pretty much un-noticed, a while back. I watched the spot and my jaw hit the floor... I always liked Transformers, but WOAH, this made me get up and move! For those of you who are entranced by the musical track and want to know more, it's "Jacques Your Body (make me sweat)" by a French group named "Les Rythmes Digitales". Amazon link here for them what wants the CD.
My favorite part? The way the bot kinda looks around after it transforms. And then it busts those fun-kay moves.
Car advertising has come a long way. Now I want one of those C4s.
(But only if it transforms.) ^_^

22 November 2004

Psychological Exam

Well, I've been meaning to do a lot lately. Halo 2 came out and was relatively un-noticed by yours truly, mostly due to sub-par first-person animation work (in my humble opinion)... I also don't have an Xbox.
Half-Life 2 has come and gone as well... taking a massive chunk of my life with it. Only five days after release and I've beaten it. I'l write up a little review later.
Enjoy the artwork, inspired a bit by HL2. Not much. I mean to be doing more art.. it just takes time.

College Apps: The HAMMERDOWN.
Coming soon to a theatre near you.

Thanksgiving XXXI: The return of the TURKINATOR.
Also coming soon to a kitchen near you.

SCHOOL'S OUT: Rage of Festivity
Coming REAL REAL soon to an angsty high-schooler near you.


07 November 2004

Blogging instead of working.

"But my blog IS work!" he screamed futilely...
As you can all no doubt see, I didn't post again about the election, andI have no plans to at this time. What's done is done and although the next four years will not be pleasant, I'll live.

Halo 2 comes out in roughly one day, give or take several hours, and I won't be at the head of the line. No sir, I won't be in ANY lines. Why, you ask?
Because I don't own an Xbox.
For such an avid (rabid) Bungie fan who constantly does fan art, expounds on obscure Bungie trivia and expresses his loving devotion for the greatest company on Earth (hah, find faulty parallelism there IF YOU DARE), I seem to be the greates heretic of them all, eh? Well, maybe. Even though I played Halo 1 on the Xbox once or twice, I intensely dislike the black and green monster from chibi hell. The controller layout is illogical- anyone who knows me knows how much I hate those damm thumbsticks- and the buttons themselves defy comprehension (Why black and white? Why so small?). But what really got me about Halo for Xbox was the auto-aim. In defiance of all logic and gaming tradition, the Xbox version of Halo has a small amount of auto-aim that cannot be turned off. Ever. If it was only present in single-player, I could live with that. But of course, it strays into multiplayer. My moment of realization was when I was making shots that I KNEW had missed. I saw my crosshairs pass the point and squeezed the trigger out of frustration... And killed the person I had been shooting at! I though it was a freak accident, but then gradually noticed that it was happening all the time.
This moment soured the entire game for me. Every time I watch a Halo video recorded on the Xbox, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I know that 50% (or even more) of those shots could never have been made in Halo PC. It makes me sick to hear people say how good they are at Halo for the Xbox, whenI know it's 90% auto-aim and 10% real skill.
I hope, for Bungie's sake, that the same problem doesn't make it into Halo 2. I really do. Because if it does, it will ruin the community forever.

04 November 2004

We should have Dual-Wielded the vote...

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Kerry lost.
Life goes on. Bigger update tomorrow if I can muster the wherewithal.

03 November 2004


I know I said I wouldn't talk.
But Kerry is doing it! HE IS WINNING! As of 11:06 PM PST, John Kerry is not so far behInd Bush. We can do it, democrats! WE ARE DOING IT! Keep going Kerry and may all the gods and demons throughout history support you in this effort.

The Elder Party would like to offer you a vacation in Ry'leth when this is over. Lord Cthulhu sends his regards and asks, do you like fish?