30 September 2004

POST: The First

I suppose a short, "welcome to my blog's first post" would be the norm here, but I'll break with convention for a short while. To start off, I'm not sure really why I started this. Maybe it was out a grandiose sense of inflated self-importance, maybe out of an inflated sense of self-pity (why else WOULD someone have a blog?), I don't know.
I did decide to do it right, though.
Since this is an auspicious night, I'll start with a short rant on the presidential debate tonight, as shown in teh linkspot above.
Short summary: Even though I was absent for the majority of the debate, Kerry sounded confident and right, Bush was reduced to spluttering at one point, and I got some good laughs out of our CIC's diction. But when I push my feelings as a democrat as far aside as I can, I can see the value that the average American is going to place on Bush's proven track record. Even though I personally think he's done more bad than good, people are probably willing to give him a second chance, not wanting to deal with John fly-off-the-handle Kerry who probably supports gay marriage and gawds only know what else. It's been said that the swing demographic this election is the "NASCAR dad." Call it and define it how you like, I see it as a fat, balding midwesterner who supports our troops and is more than a little put off by Kerry's intellectualism and intelligence. He'd prefer to have a man that's slightly (in his eyes) dumber but understands him better. Frankly, Kerry makes NASCAR dads uncomfortable. They're afraid he doesn't have their best interests at heart, only those of the 'costal' classes.
Time will tell if Kerry can carry the Midwest. He's got the coasts. Edwards can help him nail down Iowa, though.
What's so ironic is that this election is the most important election to date, but never has the fate of so many been decided by so few. New Mexico, Florida, Colorado (if they pass that proposition that lets them split the electoral vote), Iowa as previously featured...

Kerry, our hopes and dreams are with you.
For great justice: WIN EVERY ELECTION. You know what you doing!