23 May 2009

Waving Goodbye

Saw Nine Inch Nails in Mountain View last night, at the Shoreline Amphitheater. My first concert, by the way, and it was pretty cool.
Got there early, while Street Sweeper was still playing. Boots is a good rapper, but Tom Morello tries to steal the show from him with his "fight the power"bullshit. I fucking hate Rage Against The Machine and their stupid "we're gonna stick it to the man and change the world" crap. They obviously have no clue how this kind of thing works.
Anyway. NIN started late, at maybe 7:20, and it was pretty good up until 8pm, when it got REALLY GOOD, because full dark had set in the and light show was pretty awesome. I was pretty much blind by the end of the show at 9:45. Notables included "Head Like a Hole," "The Hand That Feeds," "Disicpline," and I went nuts over "Survivalism". The last sing was "Hurt"... and it was especailly poignant, knowing that this is Trent's last tour with NIN. He'll still be producing, but no longer actually going on stage with them after this. So, when the last part of "Hurt" started-- 'If I could start again, a million miles away' -- Everything got really quiet, because I think everybody was remembering how much of his life Trent has given to NIN, how long he's been doing this, and how tired he must be, sometimes. And then the next part-- "I would keep myself... I would find a way..." -- And the guitar cuts in, loud and awesome, and the lights all snap on, and everybody was cheering like there was no tomorrow. Trent steps up, bows, and says "Thank you." And then he walks off, followed by everyone else. The guitar feedback keeps going until the mixer cuts it off, and bam, that's the end of the show.
Truly epic, an amazing ending. Simple, yet fitting.

11 May 2009

Literally the worst possible time

I am (slightly) late to work at the diagnostic center, today, and decide to drop my possessions off in the care of my fellow techs before searching out nutritive items.
Except the student store is closed.
So is the bridge cafe.
And the vending machine won't take money!

There is not a single bloody place on the entire college campus, as of now, that I can purchase a caffeinated beverage from. Not one.
Of course, it's my last week of finals. This is going to be AWESOME.

09 May 2009

Impossible? Sounds like an invitation...

I bought another copy of Dead Space, used, at my local GameStop. Yes, I actually bought the same game twice. I also started my "Impossible" run earlier this morning (1am or so).
Death count so far is at 7, I think. Impossible difficulty is actually very tough. More enemies show up, I think, and they hit MUCH harder. One swipe is now enough to take you to death's door! They aren't any tougher, though, so thank goodness for small miracles. I've decided to One-Gun this playthrough, also. That means no other weapons, at all, EVER. Just me and my Plasma Cutter. I figured, hey, why not turn EVERYTHING up to 11 while I'm at it. The likelihood I'll play through this game a third time is... well, I was going to say small, but actually I might do it. We'll see, after this run. If I finish. If I do go through a third time, I will definitely LP it.

04 May 2009

Le sigh

Up and down day.
I wanted to play Killer7 earlier, this morning, and discovered it's gone. Not in my room, not in the lounge, gone. That makes 2 games missing in a week, the second being Dead Space. Maybe it's lost.
So that sucked, but I did get to sleep in. Then I learn during lunch that my professor for one of my classes is deciding to be an asshole and hold to the shcedule he gave us at the beginning of the term that he has told us, numerous times, is completely incorrect. So I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off collecting all my shit for that class, and print it so I can turn it in. When I go to print said documents, I find the stapler broken and raped, again. So I spend ten minutes fixing under the apathetic eye of a stoned idiot of a lab monitor, and exit telling him to please for the love of god SAY SOMETHING WHEN YOU SEE PEOPLE ABUSING EQUIPMENT IN THE ROOM YOU'RE MONITORING.
I turn in my work, and you better believe I am angry enough to spit. So I go to the back of the library, procure a defunct printer, and take it back to Dakin, whereupon I lay waste to it with my warhammer, breaking it in the process. The warhammer, and the printer too. So, a double K.O. That was fun.
Then I saw my friend's Div3 movie- very good, an enjoyable experience.
And that, dear internets, that's been my day.

01 May 2009

Also you can all go die, I'm getting twitter.

On Bells

Interesting, that at Hampshire, "ringing out" is a sign of triumph, of victory. In the Navy SEALs, any candidate can "ring out" at any time, but it means that you're done with the program, that you couldn't handle BUD/S, that you're quitting. It's not a mark of shame, but it's a recognition that you'll never be a SEAL.
I've had numerous friends ring out, these past weeks, and every time I hear the bell, I cannot help but shake my head and think "There goes another sailor who'll never be a SEAL." When my time comes, though, I'll ring without fanfare.
It's a sign of done-ness, I think, and at that point I will definitely be done with Hampshire.