12 December 2008

Books I'd liek to write--

Punching People for Fun and Profit: My Life as a Fundamentalist Christian Minister
Alternatively titled, "Be Healed!: How I learned to get paid to hit people."

Fava Bean Dreams: Tales of Misguided Youth

Actually it kind of sucked: When fun isn't fun anymore.

JUST BLOW IT UP ALREADY: Civil Engineering for the Undecided.

08 December 2008


So I saw it on Saturday night. Drove to Boston for a midnight showing, got back at roughly.... 6AM. Yeah.
It was AWESOME! Probably the best movie I've seen this year, and my new mostest favoritest movie EVAR, or something. They cut a LOT out of the feature, so I cannot wait for the blu-ray director's cut... And best of all, Terrance and Darren were BOTH there, at the theatre! We got to do a Q+A, and they signed autographs and everything. Oh wow, it was amazing. I got a cool little Repo-man scalpel necklace and everyone squeed a lot and a good time was had by all.
So, if you get the chance, SEE IT! If not, buy the DVD! Buy the soundtrack! Do something to support this movie that so many people wrote off as having no audience, when in actuality it has a BIG one.