30 September 2008

CliffyB :(

Well, my favorite developer went and did it.

The PC right now is a fair amount different to what it was back in the day, with all the badly integrated video chips. Here's the problem right now; the person who is savvy enough to want to have a good PC to upgrade their video card, is a person who is savvy enough to know bit torrent to know all the elements so they can pirate software. Therefore, high-end videogames are suffering very much on the PC.
Before I go and tear him a new asshole, I will say this. Yes, he's right. But what he doesn't see is that tons of people who don't know how to upgrade their video cards, who aren't "enthusiasts" per se STILL know how to use bit-torrent and how to pirate a game! Most of these people are script kiddies, whiny little lamers who don't have any ethical or moral standards. The enthusiast community, by contrast, is actually MORE likely to buy the game. If they have 300$ to spend on a video card, they have 50$ to spend on a game. The only thing Cliffy is accomplishing with this is alienating his core fanbase that's stuck with him since UT99...
Add that to the comment about how Gears is now Epic's main franchise, and you've got one very sad Ben.

17 September 2008


Your pack now has room for two animals!

08 September 2008

Ridiculous ++

I love being in a class where I can quote Robert Heinlein to make an ethical point.

02 September 2008

Welcome to Hatesville.

So I'm officially back at Hampshire now... and boy, things are f'ed up, as usual around here.
Number 1-- I got an email some time ago, informing me couerteously (so I thought) that my ID picture was officially out of date (it is) and that as a result, I needed a new ID. Ok, fine. So I pick up my keys only to discover that everyone ELSE got a new ID with their keys, an ID that works ith the stupid new RFID cards that we use to open doors to the dorms... and I don't have one. What's more, they DISABLED THE DOOR LOCKS. Yes, you read that right. Not only did they install an untested, brand-new entry system on the dorms, they disabled the old system right away, blithely assuming that everyone was going to come out of this shitting roses. Yeah, right. So, of course, I am now locked out of all the dorms. Sweet.
2. I got my new card from Blair Hall the next day, only to discover that we've outsourced the card encoding to some douches in Florida. This means that instead of actually being able to program the cards on campus, we have to use some shitty web interface in IE7 to REMOTELY VNC into a machine in FUCKING FLORIDA, which then transfers the card encoding to us. So if there's ANY problem in the webapp, the connection to Florida, the server in Florida, or the Hampshire network in general, it all goes pear-shaped... and of COURSE nobody here knows how to fix it. Fucking medieval times, people. I'm good on free refills, thanks.
3. Also, some douche between here and California managed to lose two of my boxes for a full day. Fucking A. Now I have to do the first day of classes without my main computer. Woo.

Other than that, Missus Lincoln, I think the play was fine. Not that you cared.