29 March 2008

*__* Or, emoticon post titles are fun.

In regards to the last post, that asshole actually came and said he was sorry. Victilly!
In other news, Deathfest is coming up... so I'm working madly on characters. It would be easier if I didn't have lots of work to do and a case of writers' block. Multiple essays to do and a high caffeine tolerance are exactly what I DO NOT need right now... but it's what I have. At least I'm going to have an independent study in level design as of next semester! See, I don't actually need to go to one of those fancy, jumped up design colleges... I can do this on my own, dangit, and do it just fine.

25 March 2008


I let my big mouth (read, typing) get ahold of me and wrote an internets rage email to someone... who, it turns out, is a college staff member. Oh well, no law against rage and free speech. I gave him my contact information, so we'll see if he's courageous enough to come yell at me to my face. Drama!

Anime Boston, Part 3.

Sunday was the big day. I had my plush Tachikoma with me all day, riding on my shoulder, and he was quite popular. Also, I got free art- I had recently purchased a shirt with the Dune mentats' spice mantra on it, except with spice replaced by caffeine. I was kicking around artists' alley, gandering at prints and such, when an artist all but glomped me. She was 'the BIGGEST Dune fan EVER' and absolutely HAD to have the shirt. So I told her where they were selling it (and its compatriot) and that's when she made me an offer I couldn't refuse: Go and get both of them for her, and I would get 6 free postcard-sized prints. Heck yeah! So I did. When I was choosing which ones I wanted, we discovered a common love of shooter games like Gradius, Ikaruga, R-Type and suchlike... an excellent experience, and I found another artist I like! After that, we all ventured into Boston's Chinatown for a late lunch/ early dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, where I got some pho, AKA god's gift to hungry people. We quickly hustled back to the hotel, having already checked out, and I performed yet more geometry to get the van out of the parking garage. And then we were on our way back, only a little late. We arrived back and trucked everything back to our rooms, and then crashed.
Wow, what a weekend. So happy I went.

24 March 2008

Anime Boston, Part 2.

So, Saturday.
Woke up without a stiff back or neck (surprise of surprises) and actually got a shower, what with 9 people in one hotel room. Will wonders never cease? We headed to the convention, and got to walk around the dealers' room and artist alley... One thing people will never really admit to you about cons is that you go for the walking around and the people-watching, really. There actually isn't that much to do at a con, per se. But the moments you have in line, talking with the people behind and in front of you, or chatting with that cute cosplayer of your favorite character, those are what you're there for.
So after walking around for a while, we went and had food, then got in line for the pillows concert. After waiting in an increasingly loud line for quite a bit... we got in! And holy shit of holy shits, I WAS IN THE SECOND ROW! So we sat through Luv & Response (some Japanese quasi-rap act, they were ok) and then came THE PILLOWS! The only way I can describe it is religious. These guys were AWESOME. They opened with High Risk, and it just got more and more awesome from there. When they busted out Blues Drive Monster, people went wild... and Ride on Shooting Star and Little Busters had the ENTIRE AUDITORIUM on their feet, jumping around and screaming. For their encore, they played Funny Bunny... and also, there was an unreleased track from their new album tucked in there somewhere.
I think my hearing is permentantly damaged, but who the hell cares. It was the coolest thing I've done all year.
I'll write up Sunday sometime Later(tm).

Anime Boston, Part 1: @_@

Wow is the word of the day.
Here I am, back in my room after three days at Anime Boston, my first Anime Convention. When one of my friends asked me if I'd like to go, I was thinking "Oh yeah, a con. I've been to several gaming cons, so I know what's up. That'll be fun. We'll go, hang out, chill, buy cool things, et cetera. Sounds like a great end to the break." Ahehe, NO.
I had to get up at 7:30 on Friday, becasue we were leaving at 9AM so we could get to Boston at around 12, when the lines should have died down. The drive was pleasent enough- I found a new flavor of Monster that I hadn't tried yet.
When we got to the hotel we had a lovely 30 minute adventure with geometry trying to park the van in a VERY cramped underground parking garage... Ford E350s SUCK. We finally got checked in (10 people in a room, lol) and headed off to the con at 1pm or so... And then I proceeded to wait in line for the next 10 hours. No, I'm not kidding. It really was 10 hours.
I FINALLY got registered, and then hung around the late-night panels for a bit before heading back to the room and passing out on the floor.
I have to get to class now, so more Later(tm).

13 March 2008

BSG: WTF Edition

The title links to a summary of seasons 1-3 of Battlestar Galactica, SPOILERS AHOY.
Here's the link again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6yL_tMUDps
Watched it? Good.
Ok, wow. I have just lost ALL respect for that show. People on the Shack were into it when it started, and I pooh-pooh'ed it. I was not ready for another rehash of an old TV show, I said. Recently, I managed to watch most of BSG: Razor with a few of my friends, and was pleasantly surprised by how fun and well-done it was.
Enter this summary video. I already knew the first half of it, but the second half was one solid WTF from start to finish. The shit they pulled... just wow. They took every single last shred of credibility that they EVER had, and threw it away with the stupid bullshit storyline that belongs more in Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time then in a science fiction TV show. Resurrection, fucking with established characters, having characters do things for NO REASON AT ALL, pulling a 'big reveal' that makes less sense than then ending of MGS2... Fuck BSG. I am never watching that show again.

07 March 2008


There it was, the second BSOD I've gotten on this Windows install. Second one in... several years. I think my motherboard is dying (likely) or my RAM is giving up the ghost (also fairly likely).
Well, I told myself I'd be upgrading for my birthday... it's just a month away now.
Yay me.

04 March 2008

Social Commentary, Part whatever

Hi, kids. I'm your friendly neighborhood IT person. I can fix your computer!
Contrary to popular belief, I am not grossly overweight, nor obnoxious (most of the time). I can actually hold a conversation with anyone without spouting technobabble, and I have *gasp* had a girlfriend!
However- there are some things I do that you might not think about.
I shoulder-surf. It's a natural impulse, I want to see what's going on on the screen. I will not read your AIM conversation, emails, facebook messages, et cetera.... unless you make them SO BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS that I can't help but see them. And if they're about me, well... I consider it preventative maintenance to read them.
Here's a social tip, folks. Wait until someone's not in the room to bitch about them on Facebook, send a nasty email about them, whatever. CERTAINLY don't do it while they're in the room, and ESPECIALLY not when your screen IS FACING THEM.
Because, y'see, that's just disrespectful. And respect is very important. Because if I do not respect you, it is all too easy for me to make your life a living hell.
All those documents that you needed recovered? Well, that hard drive was unrecoverable... after a conference call with my hammer.
Your passwords? They're mine now.
Your AIM buddy list? Mine.
Your tender emails? Mine.
You chat logs? Mine.
Guess what I'm going to do with all of that?
Yup, I'm going to send it to where it can do the most possible damage to you. And when you log in to where-ever you log into, tomorrow... say your livejournal... you're going to see the results of my handiwork. And it's going to be subtle, too. I will slowly poison your digital life until there's nothing left but sludge.
And you know what the best part is? I'm not stabbing you in the back. I'm stabbing you in the FACE, because I'm telling you that I will do this.

Of course, you'd really have to piss me off to have this happen. How far along are you, do you think?

All you have to do is ask...
Remember, honesty is the best disinfectant.