07 December 2007


I noticed I only post here about once a month. Better than not at all, I suppose.

I finished watching Berserk today... wow, major WTF. (SPOILERS AHEAD)
I liked the first 20 episodes, and then... blah. The last 5 or so episodes were just a complete mindfuck, bringing back a minor plot element from the 7th or so episode and turning it into the be-all and end-all of important things. Everyone dies in the last episode, everything gets turned on its head, and it ends on a VERY unsatisfying note.

On the other hand, I just started Witch Hunter Robin. I am VERY happy with it so far- even though the art style is a little vague for me, it is aesthetically quite pretty and cohesive, and the plot is detailed and interesting. The characterization is also good, too, insofar as the Japanese mindset seems to be willing to display emotion. Robin-chan <3 ^_^ Very cute in her glasses, I must say.

That was detestably otaku-ish right there, but whatever.
I'm finishing up my classwork this week and next week, and then that's it. Nothing more but christmas between me and the return.
I think I might bleach my hair before I go back... I need the confidence.