17 May 2006

Plus ca change...

Some things never change. That makes me happy, in a sick, twisted way. I loaded up Tribes 2 for the first time in a long while, and started getting back in the groove. I was doing my thing, sniping away to improve the ol' reaction times, and I make a headshot on some dumbass standing around. Suddenly, BAM, Admin warning. Of course, I am confused. What did I do wrong? "o sniping" is the response. What's that? Offensive, sniping, of course! In my 9 years of playing Tribes games, I have never heard of sniping on the offense to be prohibited. I ask again what I'm guilty of, intending to start a legitimate conversation. No, I am correct in what I just thought. Apparently, the proper place for a man-portable sniper rifle is in the base, trying to hit targets travelling at around .1C that are shooting back. Riiight. I mention that in 9 years, I've never heard of such a rule. I am immediately met with vigorous hostility and declamations that I am an "ignorant ass" and that offensive sniping is to devil worship as boning sheep is to lonely kiwis, etc, etc. I mention that since the weapon is in the game, isn't a bit silly to try to codify when it can and cannot be used? More hostility. As a last resort, I offer to let them show me where it says I can't offensively snipe- sever rules, competition rules, etc. I am promptly booted from the server.
Some things never change- the online gaming world is still full of slack-jawed scrubs who are never going to learn to play the game, except by their own little set of "rules" that makes sure than any tactic they couldn't come up with is banned.
And I will remain a faithful devotee of trying to have a legitimate, calm argument with these people, in the face of all their opposition.
That's me- dragging scrubs to water, but I can't make 'em think.