25 October 2005

Cold and wet

Well, winter is officially here... yowch. I swear that yesterday it was not too cold, and there were beautiful leaves on the ground, et al... and then today, BAM. Rain, wind, no leaves, and it is cold. Very curious.
Finally managed to get my hands on FLCL, (Fooly Cooly) a truly great anime that has to be the least sensical thing I've ever watched for three hours. Still, knowledge++ and all that.
Shadow Of The Colossus is done. Consensus- thoroughly depressing, but it does set a new standard for storytelling, gameplay, and world design. I could probably run around on the continent for days and still not see it all.
Just started Zone Of The Enders 2: The Second Runner. Very tough game, I probably won't finish it, but the aesthetic style is wonderful. As a result of this, I'm kind of betweeen games... I wonder what I'll get next.
In other news, Uwe Boll was just signed to make a movie of the game POSTAL. I will now cry, excuse me.
Ethernet jack in my room is STILL broken. ARGH. The response time at this campus is truly abysmal for ANYTHING that needs to get fixed.

02 October 2005

Electronic Changes

Originally uploaded by Usagiyojumbo.
New desktop and such for me. Switched to xoblite bb2 for my shell, bye-bye windows explorer. Using Kapsules for widgets, and Rainlendar for calendaring. Still loves me the Mac Hall for my bg though. Enjoy it. Live it. Love it.

Oh god, college seems to be turning me into Ian McConville. Kinda scary, but also cool.

Understated elegance

Something that I crave, nearly above all else, is elegance. Elegance in life, in demeanor, in general action. It's something that I feel is incredibly hard for me (especially me) to capture. Today's link captures it PERFECTLY.

As for news-
Work, work, and more work. This is what today and the next week are going to be like. I'm moving forward on a plan to help myself work better, we'll see how that goes. I managed to clean up the lounge and re-organize it yesterday, with the help of some friends. It's a much more pleasent place to be, now. Gotta make some phone calls, and then back to work.