08 June 2005

done. forever.

school is over. senior year is over. i graduate on saturday. last lan of the year is on friday, and i'll gladly skip the 'senior celebration' to go to it. fuck everyone in my class secept a select few. i never wanted to play their gaems and i'll be dammed if i can find any attatchemnt to them. good riddance to bad rubbish. john o'connor- if you give me a single reason, i will fucking deck you. i'm giggling with glee at the THOUGHT of doing that. and btw-
This is an actual AIM conversation. I am UsagiYoJumbo, Todd Von Ammon is severalbeverages.

UsagiYoJumbo: I'd laugh if JOC got tasered
UsagiYoJumbo: laugh hella hard
UsagiYoJumbo: and I'd ask for the video
severalbeverages: OH MY GOD I WOULD LAUGH SO HARD
UsagiYoJumbo: hahaha
severalbeverages: that would be the funniest shit ever
UsagiYoJumbo: yes
severalbeverages: tased by a cop
severalbeverages: squealing like that black lady
UsagiYoJumbo: LOL
severalbeverages: or just looking so uncomfortable and indignant without saying shit
UsagiYoJumbo: that would be the best present I ccould ever get
severalbeverages: wayyyyyyyyyy better than dome
That is all I have to say about THAT.
Playing Raven Shield more now, it's good, very good. Also branching out into The Specialists for HL1. Fun mod, nothing like wasting people with a shotgun to brighten up your day. Less stress right now than almost ever, both thanks to my new Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite. I bought it for 40$ because I was fucking fed up with using a shitty keyboard that made my wrists ache like hell and killed my gaming. There was a learning/ adaption period that is still kind of going on, but it was worth every cent. And linux users, please note- no more emacs pinky! The alt and ctrl keys are biiiig and niiiice. wee.