24 December 2004


Welp, here I am, posting several days too late. School's been out for the break for aboot 2 days now. Had only one exam (AP Computer Science, wort wort wort) an' it went very well, kthxbye.
I've spent the last 2 days sitting around and doing unproductive things... well, I got stuff done on my college essays, I'm almost done now. I think I'm going to have to find a different way of sitting in my chair.. because I can feel my back going in a bad direction. I also think that I need to learn how to touch-type, because it's bloody annoying having to look down at the keyboard and then look up and see mistakes on the screen.
Been thinking about getting into paintball for real.. there'll be lots of opprotunity in college, I think, to do that kind of thing. East coast is aparrently crazy about paintball and airsoft and the like, from what I've heard.
Slow down there. You still gotta get INTO college >.<
Still. It'd be nice to get into the sport, especially since good guns are getting cheaper all the time. The Tippmann A-5 is a beautiful gun. I like the aesthetics and mechanics, and like the fact that it can get wet and muddy as hell and still work perfectly. Not like an Angel IR3, which shorts if it gets near a puddle.
Lesee, prices. A factory A-5 goes for around 280$, maybe could be gotten cheaper off of eBay (doubtful). All the other stuff is, what, 80$? 360 for the bundle. Not bad.
Like I have three hundred and sixty dollars EVER. Meh.

16 December 2004


Finished The Diamond Age a day or so ago. It's not only a great book, but also a suprisingly violence-free look at the future in a way that I'd never thought of it before. Not really a cyberpunk novel per se, those are gone now. It's cyberpunk all grown up, as targeted at the more mature crowd as Snow Crash was for the aspiring 'punk.
On the thread of 'true' cyberpunk literature being gone now, it's true. Gibson hasn't wirtten a book in a long time and hasn't looked at his website in a longer one. The father of the Internet and cyberspace has gone into seclusion, it seems. Whatever this means, I have no idea.